In the blink of an eye you can remove all open pages just by pressing a single button, but you can always reopen them at any convenient moment. The PanicButton was created to help you remove all open pages with just one button press. At the same time, the pages will be saved as bookmarks in a separate directory. Then the color of the PanicButton will change to green and show the number of hidden pages. The next click on the PanicButton will restore the retracted pages.

If you don't need or don't have any desire to resume pages again, there is a simple solution - you should delete the "temporary Panic" directory in the "Chrome Other Bookmarks" folder. Further, for more practicality when working, PanicButton has "hotkeys". You just need to press F4 to hide or relaunch the page (currently only works if you're on the http(s):// page)